Can't Shake it

I recall working on a jingle for Red Stripe Beer I named it "Find your Passion". That really is my motto and suggestion for everyone breathing. Find your passion in life and it will be a lot happier. When I speak I am coming from experience.

Find something you can do that when you put your time into it, it puts a smile on your face. I literally can work for hours on music and not even realize it. When I perform I genuinely have the biggest smile you've ever seen on my face. I thoroughly enjoy it .

When I get positive feedback about how my song touched someone or that performance was "lit" I feel ecstatic to say the least. I have had multiple "day jobs" that although I was thankful for the "stability" I could not shake my music. I was constantly thinking of song concepts, beat ideas, finishing my incomplete songs, marketing ideas, social media campaigns you name it.

The passion. The dictionary defines it as an intense desire or enthusiasm for something in addition, a strong and barely controllable emotion. The main thing is I don't want to shake it.

I know I have unfinished business and that really drives me, but I enjoy it.

Ultimately, I'd like to be able to express my art without limits. Without time limits, without financial limits, without censorship, without guilt , just limitless. I can tell you my faith wont allow me to make something I believe is flat out wrong so no worries listening to me if you are a believer.

Find something you cant put down not only because it drives you but because your enjoy it that much. Of course use your wisdom and have balance in your life and do not neglect your responsibilities.

-God Bless much Success

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