Action Steps for Artists to build a fan-base

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Sharing my music with others is a highlight for me. If you are a songwriter or artist I know it will be a highlight for you as well. Having a group of supporters looking forward to your music releases can be a dream come true. However, it can be a long journey of mountains, valleys, pitfalls, sharks, snakes, jail and bail before you make it to the promised land. Enjoy the journey I am sure it will be a great one!

I had to overcome many obstacles and still I am overcoming others as I write this. If you are stumbling upon this article and are not aware of some of my contributions check this out to get an idea. I am still learning but I'd be glad to share with you some do's and don'ts to help you with your music career.

To build a fan base you must first know what qualities one must have to be successful in music.

This is my opinion based on my experience, my successes, and my failures. Success is defined on goals you create. SO SET GOALS!

Music is art and it is very subjective. I believe to be successful in music one must have a vision or a goal and be determined. A lack of confidence deters people from a music career. I believe confidence in your ability to create great music content is a must. No one can give you confidence. Someone can try to motivate you to be confident, but confidence must be self-assured. Remember, I am talking about confidence, not arrogance or cockiness. Arrogance is defined as having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one's importance or abilities. In other words, in my opinion, arrogance means thinking you are better or more important than others or thinking you are more talented than you really are. BE HUMBLE SIT DOWN!I believe a quick change in the climate, one can go from a king to a slave and vice versa.

To develop a fan base...You must have talent!!!

Talent is still important to me all the sauce, money and clothes can't give you talent. Be real with yourself and put in the work to be great. Talent is a natural ability that can't be taught a skill is something that can be taught and can be enhanced by experience. In addition to talent, you must develop healthy relationships. Don't just develop relationships with fans and supporters, but also network. Go to local recording studios to develop relationships with engineers, producers, etc. Find someone who is successful, and shadow them. Ask them if it is anything you can do to assist them. Be helpful don't be an opportunist, but be optimistic. Make quality recordings check out my blog about how to start a home studio. Additionally, quality production/beats, quality photos, and music videos will help you stand out and help you build a reputable brand.

What pitfalls should you avoid in the music industry?

Before you can build a fan base you must avoid these pitfalls.

Don’t pay someone that says they will guarantee you a legit opportunity to be signed.

Those days are long gone. This is business, getting signed is like a business merger. Start as a successful business as you grow you will have options to expand, sometimes that means working with major labels.

If you are an artist or songwriter a pitfall to avoid is not working to sharpen your craft. Music is entertainment. You should have fun but a poor work ethic is a huge pitfall.

Not being authentic and compromising is a pitfall to avoid. To build a fan base you must stay true to what you do. Be AUTHENTIC. Again following trends and compromising is a huge pitfall.

Hanging with the wrong crowd is another pitfall. Avoid trouble makers. If you are the trouble maker avoid trouble.I had two friends that had an interest in music but also had an interest in fast money unfortunately they ended up in the grave too soon.Bad romantic relationships, you must be willing to sacrifice certain relationships for this career like no other, you need an understanding support system. Now on to some action steps to get you on your way to the top!

5 ACTION STEPS to build a fan base


Pick three social media platforms that you will be consistent in posting great quality content.


Create a social media content calendar for the next thirty days. Write out the

days and the times that you will consistently post content


Identify at least 3-5 venues (bars, lounge, night clubs, etc. in your local area and approach the

owner about performing, or identify three (3) local showcases or open mics that you can sign

up for.


Prepare a schedule for the rest of the year of when you will be releasing FREE EP’s/Mixtapes

to your fans.


Identify three (3) local college radio stations and submit your music to the program/music director. Remember to be “politely persistent”.

The artists you see on the festival stages and TV award shows are walking businesses. They have a tremendous responsibility and many people depend on their productivity for their livelihoods. Everyone may not desire to be a front-man, like a rapper or a singer, but they still have a passion to be apart of the music process. I'd like to provide a list of other opportunities that involve music that can be reliable career options. Do your research follow what you have peace with and be determined to meet your goals and you will be great.

Hope this helps you on your journey!

God Bless Much Success

-Mark Universe

Music Careers Examples

Performing and Writing Careers

  • -DJ



  • Recording Careers

  • - RECORD PRODUCER - guide the production of a record by coaching the musicians, advising in pre-production sessions, and directing the in-studio recording and production process


Record Industry Careers

  • A&R - Coordinators find fresh talent for a label and oversee the completion of new albums

  • A&R ADMINISTRATOR - Negotiates terms to secure rights to songs, masters tracks, ensures projects are under budget.


Music Business Careers

  • -PERSONAL MANAGER - Represents musical acts and guides all aspects of an artist’s career.

  • BOOKING AGENT - Booking Agents negotiate deals and plans tours for the artists on their roster.

  • CONCERT PROMOTER- Concert Promoters organize shows by booking talent, securing venues, and marketing their events.

Music Business Touring Careers

Facility Arena and Club Careers

Film Music Careers

Music Journalism

Music Education Careers

Public Relations and Advertising Careers

Radio and Television Music Careers

Symphony and Orchestra Careers

Church Music Careers

Music Health Careers

Music Industry Merchandising Careers

Instrument Work and Development


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