5 ways to get over songwriter's block and how to never lose the creative vibe again

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

Trying to find that right song can be so frustrating it can bring your writing to a halt. However, I learned how to overcome writer's block. I am confident you can too. I have a music catalog of at least 200 songs. In which I have earned over 1 million plays on Pandora and earned play for multiple songs on FM radio stations in multiple cities.

1. Don't block yourself.

My first problem with writing songs was trying to always make a smash chart topping hit. So I would go in so many different directions I ended up with nothing. It reminds me of a cartoon I used to watch called catdog smh. The show had Siamese animals joined at the rear  one was a cat the other end a dog. Taking off in different directions will leave you at square one.

2. Don't kill the vibe

Another problem was trying to force myself. Remember you are a songwriter. In my opinion songwriting should come from a real place. Don't try to make hits only write the ones that are emotional when your in that mood. In the moment if you can capture that do it!

3. Keep it all.

You are a songwriter. Do not be a music critic when your job is to be a songwriter. The first thing you need to do is get your ideas out, let them flow regardless of how much it could be straight garbage or dirt. Remember dirt makes the flowers grow.

4. Be inspired

Find inspiration. My best inspiration is simply living life. Use your perspective on things to draw from a genuine place. Watch a movie, read a book, celebrate, hang out with your wcw you feel me. Anything that can spark something.

5. Keep a pad.

I have a notepad on my phone. It's simple and super convenient. I always plug in cool concepts or one liners I can pull from whenever I get stuck writing. It's my index or reference book. Challenge yourself to contribute something to the index at least each day for a week to get you started. For example, I would sometimes just write one word like "privacy" and then elaborate what that means to me and what songwriting angle I would come at it.

Overall, never stop writing and you will be all good. Check out Writing better lyrics

Book by Pat Pattison he has a few exercises that will definitely get the ball rolling. Remember never overthink things especially if it freezes up the process. Go back later and make critiques to pull out what is best.

Please feel free to share ways you have learned to overcome songwriter's block below. Let me know if this helped you.

-God Bless Much Success

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